An Introduction to Professional Responsibility (Aspen Student Treatise Series)

An Introduction to Professional Responsibility (Aspen Student Treatise Series)

This brief, thoughtful overview of professional responsibility issues can be used alongside any professional responsibility casebook. Key cases and effective problems help students probe the lawyer's obligations to clients, the legal system, third parties, and the public.Crystal draws on legal, professional, and ethical standards to describe and critically examine significant principles and rules that constrain professional conduct. He skillfully integrates a practical discussion of the sources of those responsibilities -- ABA Codes, Ethics Advisory Opinions, specific state codes and practice norms, statutory law, and case decisions -- with careful consideration of the policy implications of professional responsibility.

Tackling the most important subjects one at a time, the book opens with an introductory chapter on the scope of lawyers' obligations, then progresses to:

-- The Lawyer-Client Relationship

-- Loyalty, including actual and potential conflicts of interest

-- Confidentiality

-- Zealousness and Its Limits

-- Delivery of Legal Services

-- Lawyers in Public Positions: Judges and Government Lawyers

As students explore the philosophy of lawyering through the pages of this book, they will also confront basic principles of ethics and morality.

Thoroughly researched, well written, and soundly reasoned, Introduction to Professional Responsibility helps future lawyers recognize that professional conduct has deeper, more important dimensions than mere technical competence.

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