Roger Verge's Entertaining in the French Style

Roger Verge's Entertaining in the French Style

When the French entertain at home, elegance and sophistication are combined with seeming effortlessness. The aim is to put family and friends at ease, and the result is magical. In “Roger Vergé’s Entertaining in the French Style”, the world-famous three-star chef shares his secrets for creating this intimate yet chic atmosphere.

Inspired by the sunny climate of the south of France, Vergé’s approach emphasises fresh ingredients, superb presentation, and an eye for the details that make each guest feel at home.

Vergé has chosen 120 recipes for this warm, anecdotal book – recipes that he associates with memories of childhood, of holidays, of meals shared with friends – and has arranged them into 20 seasonal menus, including events such as “A Sunday in the Country,” “A Dinner for Lovers,” and “The Herbs of Provence.” Within each chapter he gives guidance on doing the marketing, choosing appropriate wines for each course, setting the table, and preparing dishes in advance. The recipes themselves are clear and detailed, accessible even to the beginning cook.

Complementing the recipes and menus is an introduction covering essentials such as cooking equipment and arranging flowers for the table; wine and cheese guides are also included.

The 135 full-colour photographs were taken by Pierre Hussnot in and around Moulin de Mougins, Vergé’s restaurant near Cannes.

(above text taken from the front endpaper).

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