Basil in Mexico (Basil of Baker Street, #4)

Basil in Mexico (Basil of Baker Street, #4)

The famous sleuth of Mousedom!

Basil of Baker Street continues his brilliant detective career as he solves three difficult cases, one right after the other:

The Case of the Counterfeit Cheese--in which mousedom is terrified as mice crack their teeth on phony cheese bits made of concrete...

The Theft of the Mousa Lisa--in which Basil ferrets out the truth behind the strange theft of Mexico's beloved masterpiece...

The Disappearance of dr. Dawson--in which, horror of horrors, Basil's faithful friend and companion is mousenapped!

In all of these daring adventures, Basil proves himself to be a true disciple of his hero, Sherlock HOlmes!

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