The Law of Success, Volume II The Principles of Personal Power

The Law of Success, Volume II The Principles of Personal Power

The updated and most complete edition of Napoleon Hill's masterwork

Napoleon Hill stunned America when he published his first edition of The Law of Success. It had taken Hill twenty years to research and write. He had personally met with hundreds of the most famous self-made multimillionaires so he could study their habits, analyze their methods, and learn their secrets of success. After further testing and proving his theories, Napoleon Hill refined them into 17 basic principles that anyone could master and use.

This recording explains step-by-step how you can use the following four Principles of Success:

-Initiative & Leadership: Develop your instincts to anticipate problems and know when to seize opportunities
-Imagination: Stimulate your mind to create new concepts out of common ideas and put them to work for you
-Enthusiasm: Overcome uncertainty or shyness, and inspire others to take interest in you and your ideas
-Self-control: Find the firmness of character to truly bet master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

This revised and updated edition-the second of the four volumes-incorporates new information, explains historical context, and augments Napoleon Hill's original examples with contemporary stories which conclusively prove that the Law of Success is as relevant and applicable today as it was when this landmark book was first published.

Read by Mario Rosales

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