The Ultimate Beer Lovers' Cookbook: More Than 400 Recipes

The Ultimate Beer Lovers' Cookbook: More Than 400 Recipes

Now beer fans everywhere can have their favorite brew and eat it too!
More than ten years in the making, The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook is an unprecedented collection of more than 400 food and drink recipes containing beer as a main ingredient. From scrambled eggs made with beer at breakfast and a cheese steak sandwich with onion rings or a beer burger and Chocolate Beershake for lunch, to a surf 'n' turf beer-infused combo of lobster and steak for dinner (and a midnight snack of chocolate-dipped strawberries), beer lovers can feast on brewskis at any time of the day. Delicious recipes include: Appetizers Breads Soups and chili Salads Fruits and vegetables Sandwiches Sauces Marinades Beef Poultry Pork Wild game Stews Fish and seafood And desserts!

The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook also serves as a party drinks handbook!

Enjoy a comprehensive collection of recipes for mixed drinks, chuggers, shots, chasers, party punches, milkshakes, and flaming drinks- all made with beer: Buzzy Navel Beer Bullet Red-Headed Mary Beertini The Woodpecker Atomic Diva Garden of Eden Punch Flaming Sake Bomb

This anthology of beer's greatest pairings is sure to leave beer lovers spinning for joy.
With an introduction chronicling beer's history, as well as hilarious beer quotes by the world's most illustrious beer fans peppered amidst the recipes, The Ultimate Beer Lover's Cookbook is a rousing tribute to a tasty icon more than 7,000 years in the making.

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