McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments

McCown's Law: The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments

New Edition - With 5 New Arguments!

Hockey’s most controversial authority gives you everything you need to know to be Canada’s best-informed armchair coach.

Sports talk-radio personality Bob McCown knows what he’s talking about, and he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. Depending on your own strongly held opinions, some of Bob’s will have you cheering in agreement while others will tempt you to throw the book out the window (if you weren’t enjoying the damn thing so much). McCown’s Law will be fuelling and informing heated discussions at the bar for years to come.
A sample of Chairman Bob’s opinions:

-The Leafs haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40 years for a perfectly logical reason: they have the crappiest players.
-It’s time the law put hockey’s most violent offenders in something more restrictive than the penalty box.
-Let’s leave Olympic hockey to the men.
-Eric Lindros won’t end up in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but he still deserves to be mentioned right alongside the all-time greats.
-Slovakia, not Canada, may just be the greatest hockey nation
on Earth.
-The Ottawa Senators. Are these guys a bunch of chokers or what?

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