The Shameless Carnivore: A Manifesto for Meat Lovers

The Shameless Carnivore: A Manifesto for Meat Lovers

Carnivorism 101: A Pop Quiz

On average, Americans eat how many pounds of beef per person per year?

The origin of foie gras dates back to:
China, 550 BC
France, 1780
Egypt, 2500 BC
Israel, 1940s

The following meat is NOT approved for retail sale in the United States, even with USDA inspection:
Island Fox

From 1998-2003, PETA killed how many animals
Zero—PETA would never do such a thing
Between 10-100
More than 10,000
More than 25,000

The US Testical Festival is held every year in:
San Francisco, CA
Missoula, MT
Lafayette, LA
Laredo, TX

Which is the correct match between country and traditional meaty delicacy?
Roasted peacock, Zambia
Dried pig tendons, Tuva Republic
Roasted guinea pig, Ecuador
Broiled whale skins, New Zealand

Hamburger patties and chicken nuggets cloned and cultured in a laboratory will likely be available for mass consumption in the next 25 years.

According to the fossil record, about how long ago did our evolutionary ancestors begin the practice of butchery?
10,000 years
250,000 years
1.3 million years
2.5 million years

Eating frogs has never really caught on in the United States. Legendary French culinary master, Auguste Escoffier, thought that this phenomenon was due in part to the unappetizing English word for the creature. What did he propose to call them in the U.S. to make them more appealing?
Poulet vert (green chicken)
Angel wings
Veau du marais (swamp veal)

Which of these notable personalities did not sign an open letter to Congress pleading to ban the slaughter of American horses to export their meat abroad?
Nicole Richie
Tippi Hedren
Johnnie Knoxville
Kid Rock

Don't know these answers? Want more fascinating facts? Wondering if you're a true carnivore? Looking for a great recipe for Rattlesnake Chili? Read this book.

A fast, funny, and enlightening celebration of the immense joys of flesh—consuming it, that is.

The average American consumes 218.3 pounds of meat every year. But between concerns about mad cow disease, industrial feedlot practices, and self-righteous vegetarians, the carnivorous lifestyle has become somewhat déclassé. Now, Scott Gold issues a red-blooded call to arms for the meat-adoring masses to rise up, speak out, and reclaim their pride. 

THE SHAMELESS CARNIVORE explores the complexities surrounding the choice to eat meat as well as its myriad pleasures. Delving into everything from ethical issues to dietary, anthropological, and medical findings, Gold answers such probing questions as: Can staying carnivorous be more healthful than going vegetarian? What’s behind the “tastes like chicken” phenomenon? And, of course, What qualities should you look for in a butcher? The author also chronicles his attempt to become the ultimate carnivore by eating 31 different meats in 31 days (as well as every cut and organ of a cow) He includes tasty recipes and describes his experiences hunting squirrels in Louisiana attending the annual testicle festival, and even spending an entire, painstaking week as a vegetarian.

From the critter dinners he relished as a child to his adult forays into exotic game and adventures in the kitchen, Gold writes with an infectious enthusiasm that might just inspire you to serve a little llama or rattlesnake at your next dinner party.

This is a must-have book for every meat lover.

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